Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Catching up

I really have alot to catch up on.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Out of the woodwork

That describes the way recruits are forming lately. One thing for sure, the bad economy makes it great for recruiting...that is until the big guys realize it.

The National Guard is now harder ot get into than any branch. We now require a 50 or higher on the ASVAB to join. The equals femal requirements for the Navy and Marine corps. The problem is getting poeple who do this well a job they want. I have alot of cook and fueler jobs, usually taken by people with lower scores, though those are not bad jobs once you find out what they really do, especially cooks.

But I have so many people joining right now, I barely have time for my girlfriend, she even came with me to work on saturday while I swore someone in my office. Just so she could hang with me.

I hope they make the ASVAB score go back down soon, Then I will have more.

DSo my plan is roll ten enlistments or more in the next 45 days, then take the month of March off, what do ya think? Sounds good to me.

By the way, check out the blog links if you don't already. I really enjoy them, especially Mouser girl and the Female Marine page (love her pics, she has a good eye.)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Cheers

I hope everyone had a grand Christmas.

Mine was pretty good. Went to a friend's house the night before and helped build a trainset for his little girl who loves Thomas the Tank Engine. Doing that while drinking beer and not making too much noise was kinda fun.

Then watching her open gifts the next morning was fantastic. Needless to say, mu Christmas spirit was found. My soon to be ex wife came over and we hung out, ate dinner then went to the Hockey game together, where she shot my tshirt gun while I drove the Hummer on the ice in between periods ( I do that every game, too much fun).

So all in all a good day. I will have to do a year in review for a next post which covers Recruiting and personal, since they often overlap.

2008 was a good year overall, had a couple bumps, but who's doesn't right.

I enjoyed this Christmas, and I look forward to many more.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Where's my Christmas spirit?

I wish I could tell you, though I forced a little upon myself today. Recruiting has been a little tough for me this month, only got in one and working a few more that require more work than I though (waivers).

My wife moved out a couple months ago, which of course has me preoccupied. Though we still communicate regularly even though we are getting divorced, something I really don't want to do, but she refuses to go to counseling. I think she needs it as she has unresolved issues from her family. 14 years down the drain (not really, we had a lot of great times).

I was sick all last week, which of course doesn't help. I just can't find that Christmas spirit this year. I guess because I know I will spend it alone with my kitty. I have been invited to several places for Christmas, I have really thoughtful friends, but I do not wish to intrude on their family time. I would go to my sister's in NC, but I am working a marketing event for recruiting Christmas night. Lets be clear, that is my choice, Recruiting is not making me do it. Since I had no plans, I decided I would do it. It is our local minor league hockey team we sponsor that I help set up. I love it and have gotten to know allot of the regulars there. Especially the special events coordinator that I have the hots for. Since it looks like my wife and I will not get back together, I may ask her out, though she is 15 years younger, maybe she'll say yes. She pays allot of attention to me when I am around her. (that makes her 24 by the way)

Back to Christmas, I did put up a small tree, hung a few garland around the fireplace, put up my and my kitty's stockings, and put a couple things out on the dining room table. I am not a humbug, but since I do not have any kids, I guess it is harder for me to get excited. Does anyone else have the same issue?

I am not stressing on the job yet, though it does keep me busier lately. I had 3 interviews set up in which my first two no showed, such is life in recruiting. I have a few people in my "funnel" so it will all work out in the end. I may have had the most enlistments in my area last FY, but off to a slower start this FY. Lets see if I can catch up.

I want to be in the Christmas spirit! I want to feel all giddy inside like I used to about the Holidays. maybe something will kick me in the head.

I can rant on, but there is no use.

I do hope that all who read this do have a happy holiday season, weather you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas or whatever. Spend time with those you love, and be joyful. But remember the troops serving overseas. I have only spent two Christmases overseas when I was younger, boy did it make one homesick.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Doing more with less

That's what we usually do in the military, more with less. But now we have reached an all time BS level in recruiting. Last year, our state was #1 in Guard recruiting in 5 of 6 categories. We rocked!! But when you succeed, you pay the price. They expect even more this FY.

Our mission has increased 26% over last year, that about 350 more recruits. But our budget has gotten cut by 47%. Now I am not saying it cannot be done, but dammit, when they take away half of our assistants (drivers, runners) and reduce marketing budget (less events, print ads etc), they expect us to increase numbers. If I have to spend more time prospecting instead of processing recruits, I am wasting valuable time. Processing recruits nowadays takes a long time. Getting background checks, gathering documents they lost, getting transcripts etc. Its can be time consuming, especially if they need waivers. All four of my current recruits need some type of waiver. Two for traffic tickets and 2 for minor law violations.

We already have issues for finding jobs, they are all taken. I have plenty of fuelers, cooks and truck drivers, but if they want almost anything else, It is hard to find a position. When we recruit, we fill positions within the state, not just any old job you want, like in the Active Army. They can get any job they want, they just keep saying they wont join until they get it. If qualified, they usually get it.

Now I was the top recruiter in my area last year, by one enlistment, so the pressure is on for me to perform again. While I did over produce, I would like to take more leave this FY. I took 12 days leave last year. I have 65 on the books right now. I need to burn some and take more vacation. It's time I did my job and took care of me.

Do more with less....yes sir, yes sir...three bags full.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Great Tri care news

I found out some great info on Tri Care Reserve Select. In case you don't know, reservists and National Guardsmen can get basically the same coverage as Tricare standard and extra at a fee. When the program was introduced in 2005, the fees were $81 for an individual and $251 for family coverage.

But now the coverage has been alot. While the old costs were affordable compared to most others in the market, the prices are now MUCH more affordable. New costs are $47.51 for an individual and $180.17 for a family.


Apparently the general accounting office noticed the premiums were too high compared to actual costs and recommended the changed. So int he 2009 Defense authorization act, the premiums were lowered and go into effect Jan 1. There are no provision for refund of past premiums. Which is fine. So now more soldiers and their families will be able to afford the coverage, and still have money in their one weekend check.

With the economy the way it is, more people will see the military as a source of income and livelihood, and some of these benefits sure make the pot sweeter.

Recruiting will be tad easier if these trends continue.

BTW, I plan on blogging more regularly. I hope I can continue like I want.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Another Solider Loss

A short but sad story.

We have a unit that has been getting ready for a mission in Afghanistan for the past 45 days at Ft Pickett. They were given a week off of leave before shipping to Camp Shelby yesterday for train up. Leave started last Sunday.

SPC Petty, an Iraq war veteran, was riding his motorcycle running here and there, probably saying his final goodbyes, or just running errands, when he ran into the back of a tractor trailer. He was married two weeks prior.

My point of this is that you never know when your time is up. I am sure his family was worried about his upcoming mission in the mountains of Afghanistan rooting out the Taliban on the Pakistani border. They never thought he would be killed on a week's leave just a few miles from home.

His funeral was yesterday, the day the unit had a Farewell ceremony. He will not make the mission, maybe because God has another mission for him.

God speed, SPC Petty.